Annual Conference of Mammalogists

Annual Conference of Mammalogists

The first Annual Conference of Mammalogists will be held by the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. with the participation of the WWF Hungary in order to raise awareness and to share the novel research results with the general public.

Date of the Conference: 9th of December, 2021   8:30-18:00

Conference venue: Hungarian Natural History Museum, Ludovika Square, Semsey Andor room

Mammalogy is increasing in popularity in Hungary, as more and more exciting questions are waiting for science-based answers.  In addition, in the field of nature conservation, there is a growing need for information and research results based on specific data collected in new efficient ways.

The Annual Conference will focus on research results of mammalian conservation carried out under the GRASSLAND-HU LIFE integrated project and EUROLARGECARNIVORE LIFE project. Due to the strong connection of the two projects (focusing on the same topics on fields such as invasive species management, hybridization), they can utilize each other’s experiments. The research findings may also be interesting to the public.


Audio-visual materials related to the conference can be downloaded here.


Source: Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd.